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• 11/25/2015

Removing own FOB

So I have placed a new FOB in the wrong spot...

(In a valley, with the idea to place watchtowers on the neighbouring heights. I thought I could build up to a distance of 250m, which is of course wrong. It's 125m..  So I need to relocate. :)

Appearantly I cannot recycle the FOB or re-pack it into a container. So I did the obvious thing: Blasted it away.

Now the building is gone, but it's still concidered and active FOB ? Which of course also prevents me from building a new one near by.

So, what's the proper way of removing your own FOB in game ?

Thank you. Awesome mod by the way. :)

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• 11/27/2015

We found the answer ourselves:

You have to be in "Commander" position, to be able to repack the FOB.

Problem solved. :)

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